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Chiropractors may be your go-to for chronic back pain, headaches, or ongoing musculoskeletal problems. However, picking the best chiropractor can feel like a challenge. Here are some simple points to keep in mind when selecting a chiropractor:

The Significance of Experience and Education

onsider selecting a chiropractor with a reputable track record in treating conditions similar to yours. Their tenure in the profession, available on the AHPRA website, provides a clear indication of their experience. Any additional certifications or continued education underline their commitment to staying updated with advancements in their field.

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Understanding Patient Reviews

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Patient reviews can be helpful but need careful reading. Be wary of clinics with lots of reviews, as this could mean they’ve asked for feedback. Detailed reviews that talk about the patient’s problem, the chiropractor’s approach, and the results are what you should look for. Some clinics run competitions on social media to get reviews, which might affect how honest the reviews are.

Using Personal Recommendations and Medical Referrals

Talking to your friends, family, and workmates can give you helpful information about chiropractors’ skills and approaches. Remember that everyone’s body and health issues are different. What worked for someone else might not be the best for you. Also, many doctors now refer patients to chiropractors, so they can help you find a good one.

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Reading Initial Offers Carefully

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Be careful of initial visits at a lower cost, which might lead to long-term, expensive treatment plans. It’s often better to have a short treatment trial first to see if you get on with the chiropractor and their approach. 

Before you start, check the usual cost per visit and how long treatment plans will last. Ask the receptionist if selling blocks of care is standard rather than paying as you go. Be careful not to be drawn in by a low initial fee, leading to high costs later.



Understanding Health Fund Policies and Preferred Provider Status

It’s essential to understand what your health fund covers for chiropractic care. Being a ‘preferred provider’ means the chiropractor has an agreement with the health fund, not that they’re better than others. This status doesn’t change your premiums or annual limits. 

You might get higher rebates and lower out-of-pocket costs per visit from contracted providers, but the total yearly refund is the same. This means you might get fewer services you can claim in a year.

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Professional Associations

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Associations like the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA) or Chiropractic Australia (CA) can provide additional credibility. They provide a list of registered chiropractors and offer resources to help understand chiropractic treatment.

Judicious Use of X-Rays

X-rays should only be used carefully in chiropractic care. Recent guidelines recommend their limited use.

Be cautious if a chiropractor suggests X-rays without a good reason. Studies show that using X-rays all the time doesn’t usually improve results.

A good chiropractor can explain when X-rays are needed and respect your decision if you choose not to have one. X-rays mainly show bones, not softer parts like nerves and discs. An MRI might be better for severe issues like ongoing sciatica, muscle weakness, or numbness.

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Service to the Profession

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Consider if the chiropractor has contributed to their profession by serving on boards of professional associations or holding responsible positions. This can speak volumes about their dedication and reputation among peers.


In summary, choosing a chiropractor is a deeply personal decision and should be based on your unique needs. Prioritise experience, interpret patient reviews wisely, and understand financial implications. Communication is vital, and a competent chiropractor will always encourage your questions to help you make the best health decision for your needs.