Neck discomfort can be caused by postural overload or from car and sporting accidents. These may result in trauma to tissues in the neck. Your chiropractor will perform tests to determine which structure in your neck is the culprit causing your pain.

We will also want to know if you have radiations into your arms, or in between your shoulder blades. If you do, we will test the muscle strength and reflexes in your arms.

Often, the facet joints will be the source of discomfort but sometimes the pain is coming from the disc. If you have weakness, numbness or pins and needles in the arms, disc becomes more of a suspect.

Our chiropractors are well trained to navigate you through this process. Once we determine the cause, we can decide on the best treatment approach.

If you have restrictions of movement, treatment may include myofascial release techniques, cold laser and adjustments of the vertebrae. Manipulation can include instrument adjusting such as Activator, Impulse Adjusting or Arthrostim. If weakness of neck musculature is found during your exam you may be prescribed strengthening exercises as part of your rehabilitation. Chiropractic Narre Warren Neck Pain