Care is the cornerstone of our practice
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What to expect on your first Chiropractic visit

Once you have completed the health questionnaire, your chiropractor will take a history and you will receive a full examination to determine the cause of your problem. Expect to be with us between 45 minutes to 1 hour.

If you are in pain, our priority is to find out where the pain is coming from. Is it coming from the disc, joints or muscles? Knowing this, allows us to determine if we can help you and estimate a likely recovery time. Our thorough examination involves orthopaedic and neurological tests and is comprehensive.

In rare cases we may require x-rays to provide a clearer picture of the situation. In 95% of cases x-rays are not required. It is extremely rare that we take x-rays of children unless there has been a significant trauma. These can be performed at our office using a digital x-ray machine. If you have previous xrays , MRI’s or CT scans that we can look at please bring them along on your visit.

Once your condition is understood, you will be advised on whether chiropractic care is right for you.

In the vast majority of cases, care is delivered on the day.