Care is the cornerstone of our practice

What to expect on your first visit

Welcome to Farrelly Chiropractic, where your journey toward optimal health and wellness begins! On your first visit to our clinic, we’re dedicated to making the experience as enlightening and comfortable as possible. Here’s what you can expect:

Initial Paperwork

Upon arrival, our friendly staff will warmly greet you and assist you in filling out some initial paperwork. This crucial step allows us to gather essential information about your health history, current condition, and wellness goals. Alternatively, you can download the paperwork here.

Comprehensive Examination

At the core of our service, your health and well-being stand as our highest priorities. Our highly skilled chiropractors, celebrated for their diagnostic prowess, will perform a thorough examination to guarantee an accurate diagnosis. They specifically tailor this evaluation to identify the root cause of your discomfort, employing orthopedic and neurological tests. These tests are pivotal in determining whether your pain originates from your discs, joints, or muscles.

Advanced Diagnostics

Although X-rays are rarely needed (in less than 5% of cases), we strive for a comprehensive understanding of your condition. Should X-rays be essential for a clearer insight into your health issue, we will recommend them and direct you to an accredited radiology center for bulk-billed services.

Should you possess any previous imaging studies, kindly bring them along or inform us where we can retrieve them. We have access to most imaging networks like Capital, i-Med, Marina, Lumus, GIG and others directly from our office. This information is critical in developing a personalized treatment plan specifically tailored to your needs.

Personalized Care and Treatment

Following your examination, we’ll engage in a detailed discussion about your diagnosis and the appropriateness of chiropractic care for your situation. In the majority of instances, if chiropractic treatment is recommended, we’re equipped to provide your first treatment during this initial visit. Our aim is not just to relieve your pain but also to guide you on the road to recovery and sustained health improvement.

Our Commitment to You

Farrelly Chiropractic is committed to offering you the highest standard of care in a warm and understanding setting. We’re here to respond to any queries and to assist you throughout every phase of your health journey.

Thank you for choosing Farrelly Chiropractic. We’re privileged to be a part of your health journey and eagerly anticipate welcoming you into our family.