Care is the cornerstone of our practice

Does your baby sleep with their head always looking towards the same side? Does your baby have difficulty attaching to the breast? Does your baby dislike tummy time? Does your baby have difficulty crawling or walking?

Many parents choose to bring their children to us for an assessment of their developing spine and nervous system. Our practitioners are experienced in looking after babies and children.

Want to know more about our chiropractic services for children?

Please feel free to ring and talk to us if you are uncertain. If you wish to schedule an initial phone consultation before making an appointment, please just call the practice and one of our receptionists will take your details and get your preferred chiropractor to call you back. Rest assured, only the gentlest approach is taken with your loved ones.

Children are using technology such as phones and iPads from a very early age and this can lead to poor posture and muscular fatigue. We can check you child’s posture and spine and make appropriate recommendations.

chiropractic for children