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Pain Between My Shoulder Blades

If you experience pain between your shoulder blades, irritated joints or muscles, as well as organs or neck, maybe the cause. The sliding facet joints and the costovertebral joints between the ribs and spine are two joints in the mid-back that could cause discomfort. Discomfort can also be due to waste buildup from fatigued postural muscles. Prolonged sedentary postures, especially from working on a computer, are one of the most significant causes of muscle discomfort.

Before focusing solely on musculoskeletal causes, it is crucial to rule out problems with organs such as the gallbladder and heart. Although the neck can also refer pain to in the area between your shoulder blades, this is often ignored as a source of irritation.

Effective treatment requires proper diagnosis. As chiropractors, we evaluate and treat numerous cases daily, allowing us to pinpoint the source of your discomfort based on our experience.