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Pain In Between My Shoulder Blades

If you have pain between your shoulder blades it may be arising from irritated joints or muscles, organs or even from the neck.  There are 2 joints in the mid back that can be angry.  The first is the sliding facet joints and the second is the small joints between the ribs and the spine called the costovertebral joints. Furthermore, fatigued postural muscles can  build up waste products such as lactic acid which then become uncomfortable.  The largest cause of muscle discomfort is prolonged sedentary postures predominantly from working at a computer.

Organs such as the gallbladder and heart can also refer pain to the mid back so its importantant to rule out problems with these before progressing to a purely musculoskeletal cause.

The neck may also refer pain to the area between your shoulder blades and the spine and this is often overlooked as a source of irritation.

Diagnosing the proper source of irritation is paramount so you receive proper treatment.  As chiropractors we see multiple cases a day and are experienced in evaluation and treatment.